Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seated Figure

The Fall session ended this week at Manifest. I liked the way this figure was going, although it could stand more contrast. I may go back to it and pump up the darks.

Eyewear really changes a drawing like this. It takes the figure out of the realm of a classical depiction and makes it look extra nude, if that makes any sense. Remember Donatello's David -the one with the hat? Same thing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Figure Drawing

Monday night has been figure drawing night since I started freelancing in 2000. The downtown studio where this takes place gets beastly hot in the summer, so we take a 3-month hiatus. Of course after a break like that it takes some time to hit a groove again when sessions resume in September. I took a summer session with the Manifest drawing studio to keep in shape. I really liked the people there, so I stayed on this fall. At Manifest, they always do an hour-and-a half long pose, which gives me a bit of time to try the pastels. Here are a few favorites: